Cannabis Extraction Guide: Common Methods, Top Equipment, and More

Cannabis Extraction

As the hype around the cannabis industry continues to grow, so does the innovative approach to cannabis extraction. And while manipulation of the marijuana plant is not a new practice, access to modern day equipment is allowing for a greater focus around efficiency, precision, and expansion of the industry overall. In this guide, we’ll be covering the 3 main types of cannabis extraction, as well as the type of equipment needed for achieving successful results. The History of Cannabis Extraction … Read More

Essential Equipment for a Cannabis Testing Lab

Cannabis Testing Lab

It’s no secret; the laws surrounding the cannabis industry are changing at a rapid rate. And while federal laws still prohibit the sale of marijuana nationwide, states like California, Colorado, and 7 others are seeing the economic benefits of legalization, especially with the increase of cannabis testing facilities. If you’re planning to launch a cannabis testing lab of your own, there’s a few essential pieces of equipment needed to produce consistently reliable results. In this cannabis equipment guide, we’ll not … Read More